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Condominium Management

With our dedication to high standards and commitment to the satisfaction of our condominium clients in Toronto, Principle Property Management specializes in high integrity management techniques. Through these methods, we help condominium corporations and their Boards of Directors improve on existing operations and procedures, as well as achieving future goals that were never before imagined.

Commercial Management

As your property management company, Principle Property Management takes care of it all. We protect, maintain, market, consult and handle the finance and administration of your assets. We are your partner behind the scenes managing your investment and increasing its value as if it were our own. Our commercial property management staff is familiar with each of their unique communities and we can promise that you won’t get “lost in the shuffle.” We’re a property management company that operates with entrepreneurial spirit and shares the goal of assisting our clients and their tenants to ensure they prosper. Your customer is our customer!

Developer Consulting

With our vast experience as a property management company and working with developers, we can help in the planning stages. We’ll offer consulting, financial services, site plan reviews, architectural/mechanical plan reviews, association documents review, periodic reviews during construction and staffing/preparation for opening. We’ll also offer extensive property management training and communication for both developers, investors, sales associates and boards of directors. We’ll offer guidance and support to make every new development a success when it’s finally ready for people to call it home.

By hiring Principle Property Management, you simply don't hire a run of the mill property management company. You hire a team of individuals whose collective knowledge in business, financial services, condominium management and client service will allow your condominium to reach new heights that you never thought possible. By hiring Principle Property Management, you hire a team that listens objectively, communicates effectively and acts with integrity.

Our Principle of Service

At Principle Property Management our vision is to create a better everyday life to our clients. Our property management mandate is to ease the burden of making difficult decisions and provide you with new ideas for innovative solutions.

Our Commitment to You

To economically and efficiently manage your home while providing exceptional customer service. You have our pledge that when you place your trust in us to do what’s best for your home and your community, we are guided by your needs and goals in everything we do.

Our Goal

Our goal is to listen to our clients and understand their needs and enhance the value of every property and the lifestyle of every resident in our care.

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Company Overview

Established in Toronto, Ontario, Principle Property Management provides hands-on style property management services to condominium corporations.

Principle Property Management recognizes that each condominium is unique. Our ability to assess those unique attributes, and to provide you hands-on personalized property management services which addresses your condominium's specialized needs, regardless of the building size is what sets us apart.

We also believe in consistent quality before quantity. Honesty, as well as integrity. Working hard, not hardly working. Word of mouth is key in our industry, and we will go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction.

Company History

Principle Property Management's approach to property management is a reflection our teams vision that there has to be a better way of doing things. Our team of dedicated management professionals, saw infinite ways of improving the condominium buildings they worked in on a daily basis. The simple fact that things weren’t being done to the highest possible standard, seemed like an injustice for the owners of the building.

Since our companies' inception, our team of dedicated professionals has been doing whatever it takes to improve the standards in the buildings that we run, reducing the maintenance fees and dramatically improving owner satisfaction and experience along the way.

But don’t take our word for it!
Please take the time to read through some of the quotes and case studies of our customers who are shouting our praises from the roof for our property management services.

The Management Team

Condominium management is an incredibly dynamic and complicated undertaking. It requires not only the knowledge of building systems, but a team of experienced professionals who have the interpersonal skills required to provide a seamless management experience.

Each property that PPM manages, whether they are strictly property management, facilities management or condo property management, deserves special care and attention. That’s why we’re proud to match our clients with teams of mangers, assistants and accountants assembled with the right people with the right expertise and experience that is the right fit for your property and its unique needs.

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We are always looking for valuable team members who can make a difference and are pleased to accept unsolicited resumes. Submit your resume for one of the following positions for consideration of joining our diverse team.

Principle Property Management is proud to offer the following education and development offerings to all our employees:

  • 100% tuition reimbursement
  • Professional membership fee reimbursement
  • Yearly performance appraisals and mentoring for employee development
  • Internal job posting program

In addition to our education and development assistance program, we also proudly provide all our employees with:

  • Peer recognition programs
  • Social and staff appreciation events

Please note that employment with our company is conditional upon the provision of a police background check clearance letter, and said letter is a mandatory requirement before the commencement of employment.

Please send your resume and cover letter to info@principlepm.ca.

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Principle Property Management

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Principle Property Management

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