The Management Team

We assure you that we never have and never will implement a cookie-cutter service that many of the larger Property Management companies provide. We don’t aim to be the biggest; we strive to be the best.

The following are some unique key features of our management team approach that set us apart from our competitors:

Creative and Innovative Solutions Through Our Team Approach

We are an energetic, knowledgeable, experienced and fully licensed group of professional individuals in the field of property management. Our team approach ensures that you have a qualified management team, senior support, and a full professional infrastructure to deliver effective management.

Prudent Financial Management and Oversight

We outsource the preparation of monthly and annual financial reporting to a firm of well reputed, specialist property management accountants. The benefits of this model include enhanced control through segregation of duties, independent oversight of the Corporation accounts, and bespoke reporting of the Corporation’s financial position. Our approach enables clear, transparent, accurate and timely financial information which in turn enables effective budget management and forward planning.

Distinct Short and Long Term Planning

We believe the key to professional management is having a joint Board and Management plan for the community with unified goals and comprehensive solutions to drive results. Through our regular minuted and fully documented meetings we track all ongoing activities allowing for the Board to make timely decisions and discharge their duties of oversight and governance.

Present, Visible, Contactable

Our personnel are present and available in our managed buildings during normal office hours (and routinely outside of these hours as well), however given that issues and incidents arise outside of the normal 9-5, Principle Property Management has a dedicated 24/7 emergency line for our residents. We have a call centre and agents available that answer the phone for any out of hour’s emergencies. Our agents assess, categorize and escalate any calls received.

Breadth of Service

Not only is our team experienced in managing residential buildings, we also have experience of managing mixed-use commercial / residential buildings with Shared Facilities and Reciprocal Agreements. Our knowledge and understanding of these inherently complex arrangements positions us well to be able to manage the multitude of competing and differing priorities.

Business Continuity

Although a dedicated Condominium Manager is assigned to each building, we implement a system of cross-training, information sharing and periodic company-wide meetings that enable sufficient coverage by an equally qualified (minimum RCM) Condominium Manager, in instances of annual leave and/or absence. Through this we are able to achieve seamless building management and business continuity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Principle Property Management we care not only about the immediate environment of the buildings that we manage, but also the wider areas in which we operate. We aim to reflect the values of those we partner with by regularly make donations to selected charities that work to help the community and tackle issues of social importance.

Enhancing Value

We are a management company with an objective of enhancing the value of the real estate that we manage. Management vision and implementation by the Board and the Property Manager are crucial in driving lasting results. We will work to introduce various perspectives and strategies to maintain and increase unit values without drastically impacting the finances of the building.